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Our comprehensive services are geared towards both commercial and residential clients, and range from simple rekeys and duplicate keys, all the way to access control systems and door security systems, full door replacements, electrified hardware and fully integrated master key systems.

Commercial Locksmiths

Commercial locksmiths are an affordable and effective way to secure your business premises. Investing in their services now means that you don’t have to worry about paying for expensive repairs or replacements from security breaches later on because it is cheaper when done at the onset of a problem instead of after the fact. A commercial locksmith will also give you better value for your money because they use tools and materials designed specifically for commercial property uses, making them more reliable and longer-lasting than those used by residential locksmiths. You'll need less frequent replacement as well, so it's always good to get quality service even if it's costlier in the short run.

Services Areas
  Bentleigh, Victoria
  St. Kilda, Victoria
  Moorabbin, Victoria
  Elsternwick , Victoria
  Ormond, Victoria
  Hampton, Victoria
  Caulfield, Victoria
  Murrumbeena, Victoria
  Bentleigh, Victoria
  Bentleigh, Victoria
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Experienced & Friendly Staffs

If you describe someone as experienced, you mean that, they have been doing a particular job or activity for a long time, and therefore our staffs know a lot about it or are very skilful at it.

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Fast Mobile Service

We are there as soon as possible to deal with your problem. We are well known for fast & reliable work for our costumer so that you dont have to be locked out for long.

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Excellent Work in Affordable price

Excellency is our target not the price, excellency is the price for us. Call us for better experience with Active Locksmith.

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Fast, reliable 24/7 Emergency lockout service

We are available anytime for you to get your lock fixed no matter how big is the problem.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

No matter how big is the job, our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. Our highly qualified staffs assure you the satisfaction that you expected from us.

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Festival Offers & Discounts

Referral discounts can come in very handy while boosting the number of orders during the holiday season and festival.